We have a reputation to maintain. The most rigorously considered systems in the world, for land, sea, and air.

Mountains, hostile environments, extremes of temperature; our brands are ready for anything.

That’s why we never sit still. We are always looking for likeminded brands and businesses who are forever pushing the boundaries, the technologies and the manufacturing techniques. Which means our systems are ever-evolving and fluid, with elements adapting and changing based on the new demands of our client base, and the exacting specifications that the Level Peaks teams use create each and every system.

These are Level Peaks’ current partner brands, used across the multiple systems we create and continually refine.

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3M Peltor

3M Peltor is a leading resource for advanced hearing, respiratory and eye protection, communications headsets and other tactical safety and personal protective equipment. Each product is designed to perform under tough conditions and is subject to ongoing innovation. They help provide comfort during extended wear and have demonstrated field-proven, mission-critical reliability.


The FBI training academy adopted the original 5.11 pant in 1992, forging a decades-long relationship that drives 5.11’s commitment to public safety, as well as the military and the first responder community. Today, 5.11 is as determined as ever to meet these new challenges with the same grit and fortitude that has always defined our brand.

ACS Industries

Founded by the owners of Nirtal Training & Supply of Combat Equipment and Team 3 - two established and acknowledged companies in the security field, offering the very latest in combat solutions. They are responsible for creating the Trigger Pouch, a unique and innovative grenade holster that carries grenades in a safe and secure manner.


Altavian is an aerospace and defense company headquartered in Gainesville, FL. Founded in 2011, Altavian has grown out of its start-up stages into a small-company of over 40 employees. Altavian produces and manufactures its equipment in-house. The engine of our core design process is our multi-disciplinary engineering team. Their expertise ranges from aerospace, to avionics, to software, and mechanical hardware. We also support an experienced core of operators as well as business-support teams. We are a privately held and funded entity with a long track record of success in both the commercial and defense spaces.

Arnold Defense

The world’s leading designer and manufacturer of 2.75-inch (70mm) rocket launcher systems. For over 55 years, they have been manufacturing and supplying the world’s most reliable and affordable rocket launchers to satisfied customers across the globe.

Through our innovation, integrity, dedication, technical expertise and customer-first focus, we continue to produce the very best rocket launchers in the world.

Avon Protection

Avon has a strong heritage in designing and manufacturing respirators and combining this with the wealth of experience within the workforce it has secured Avon's position as the world leader in the design, development and manufacture of specialist and general personal respiratory protection solutions for a range of CBRN applications.

B.E. Meyers

B.E. Meyers’ core technologies include infrared and visible laser systems for aiming, illumination, targeting, non-lethal visual disruption and long-range Hail and Warning. With customers that include the U.S. Military, foreign defence organizations, and various law enforcement agencies, B.E. Meyers & Co. has developed a reputation for producing products that tip the scales of victory for warfighters defending freedom across the globe.

Bale Defence

Bale Defence is a multi-generational, privately owned company dedicated to the support of Australian and New Zealand Defence Forces with the design, manufacture and through life support of military equipment and Defence related products. The Company also serves as a repairer and supply chain integrator, locating and supplying a comprehensive range of vital spares and equipment.

Barum & Dewar

Barum & Dewar specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of protective cases. We provide complete packaging solutions from foam inserts to bespoke transit containers.
We work with you to understand your transportation, handling and user requirements. We provide solutions from all major case manufacturers as well as in-house design services for customised manufacture in foam, fabric, timber and aluminium.

Black Diamond

Here at Black Diamond it's all about climbing and skiing. We share the same experiences that you do on rock, ice and snow and these experiences push us to make the best gear possible for our worldwide family of climbers and skiers.

Black Sage

Black Sage is a multi-mission platform provider of Counter Unmanned Aircraft System (CUAS) and security solutions serving military, internal security, and critical infrastructure protection missions.

Our open architecture DefenseOS® command and control software together with the company’s Sawtooth™ modular hardware platform have integrated over 40 sensor and effector systems. Black Sage’s open architecture and modular counter UAS systems ensure our customers will be able to address current and future UAS threats.


In 1990, a Navy SEAL was navigating a minefield when his pack failed. As his gear tumbled to the ground, he vowed that if he got out of there alive he would make gear the right way. Today, this commitment to quality and reliability applies to everything we do. We’re constantly researching, refining and perfecting every detail to provide products that won’t let you down. At Blackhawk, we're not just making gear; we’re honouring a vow.
Mission Statement
To always put the needs of our men and women in uniform at the forefront of everything we do in an effort to better serve those who serve and protect us all.


Boresight was established by personnel with long term experience within the UAV, Defence, intelligence, and law enforcement domains, with the aim of providing highly capable but affordable and expendable drones as aerial targets.
The emerging threat posed by drones, from cheap quadcopters used for surveillance through to sophisticated ‘suicide’ drones is changing the nature of warfare and public safety. Government agencies and C-sUAS companies need a high performance and cost-effective solution to train and test against.
Boresight provides that capability.

C2R Fast

Today we pride ourselves on pushing boundaries and what’s currently possible, whenever possible. Enhancing existing technology by fusing it with the latest techniques and bold new materials.

This is the mindset for all our projects. What’s the next way to disrupt the current methods, and emerge with the new ‘normal’? That’s why the Metropolitan Police, and a host of different military units regard C2R as their personal research and development arm.


For 15 Years Cadex has offered their customers complete service from design and prototype to a full production capability with high quality and service. The Cadex mission is to provide top quality equipment for the military, special forces and security fields. From initial concept, through design, to the delivery of the final product, Cadex is the all-in-one solution.


CamelBak Products is an outdoor equipment company based in Petaluma, California, best known for its hydration products, such as hydration packs and water bottles. CamelBak is also a supplier of hydration packs, protective gear, and other products to the U.S. military and law enforcement agencies around the world.


Capewell Aerial systems is a global leader in aviation and life support. We are a respected provider of engineered products for aerial delivery, life support and tactical gear for military, law enforcement and humanitarian agencies worldwide. Founded in 1881, Capewell has thrived by helping customers conceive, engineer, prototype, manufacture and field test products that must perform flawlessly in critical situations.


For almost 70 years the production of sleeping bags and cold protective clothing for all climate and temperature zones has been at the forefront of our activities. Professionals rely on Carinthia. Whether on expeditions to the Arctic/Antarctic or in the high mountains under the most adverse conditions to military operations in crisis areas, our products are meant to withstand toughest requirements.


Founded in 2014, Clogworks Technologies Limited was established to allow professionals to rely on the very best solutions to deliver ultimate performance and reliability in the world of unmanned aerial vehicles.

In 2016 they launched their first multi-rotor, the Dark Matter® hX. Today they continue to develop exciting new and innovative high-performance unmanned aerial vehicles.

Core Survival

Core Survival are famous for creating effective, innovative products that spring directly from the ideas, experience, and future needs identified by active users in the field.

For example, Core invented the first low profile, helmet-mounted lighting solution for HAHO/HALO parachute helmets. This high level of capability has extended and allowed the products to grow beyond their military freefall origins to a wide range of users and applications.


CRO is a team of medical providers, engineers, scientists, and researchers dedicated to enhancing pre-hospital and austere medicine. We specialise in accelerating the transfer of technology from various phases of research and development to commercialisation. We do this by identifying need, investing in research, and delivering products to the end-user.

Crushable Vault

Designed by shooters for shooters, Crushable Vault has created a unique system for securing firearms in the back of vehicle without heavy hardware or permanent drawers. This patented product is built in the USA and uses superior materials and perfected construction techniques to deliver enhanced durability and security.

Crye Precision

Crye Precision designs and manufactures truly innovative equipment for America’s fighting forces.

We make uncompromising gear for uncompromising individuals. We work hard to provide smart, high-performance, long-wearing gear for people who demand the best. We make all of our gear in America from American materials. Every item is designed to help you perform better.


Started in 2015, DFND (pronounced “de-fend”) is the brainchild of two industry veterans whose aim was to bring quality performance apparel to the people who needed it most; our Military and First Responders. Proudly specializing in developing products that maximize human performance, DFND currently offers a Graduated Compression for Injury Prevention, Training, and Recovery, a complete line of Training Gear and a specialized Fire Resistant (FR) line. Every item that DFND offers is entirely Made in the USA and 100% Berry Compliant, and is uniquely crafted to support the needs of athletes training at any level.


Our mission at Dryrobe is to inspire, enable and improve the experience of an active outdoor lifestyle, for everyone. By creating a product that didn’t exist before we made changing outside easy, warm and fun; expanding the limitations of your comfort zone and enhancing participation in life's extraordinary moments.

Eagle Industries

Eagle Industries was born from the uncompromising demands of the Navy SEAL community, and those standards are still what drive everything we do to this day. All of our gear is Berry Compliant and proudly made in the USA to ensure our end users – from top-tier military to backcountry adventurers – have exactly what they need to go above and beyond every day.


EBAD is a global leader of precision energetics systems and innovative explosive and non-explosive solutions. Whether you are in need of a minefield breaching system, a specialised demolition kit or a requirement for system initiation or flight termination, our precision products and systems are Right for Your Mission.


At Elistair, we design and manufacture tethered base stations for commercial drones. Our mission is to bring efficiency and productivity to the UAV market, but above all to respond to each of our clients’ needs. Our innovative technology opens new fields of application for drones such as persistent aerial surveillance, continuous aerial broadcasting, firefighting and traffic monitoring.


ESS creates advanced eye protection systems for military, law enforcement, fire/rescue and shooting sport markets. ESS is the only authorised eyewear provider to the United States Marine Corps, is a leading supplier to all other branches of the U.S. DoD, and is sold in over 100 countries. ESS proudly stands behind its products with unparalleled sustainment programs and industry-leading customer service.

EXTREM' Vision

EXTREM’ VISION is generating innovative and technologically pioneering procedures by working in joint projects with major groups or consortiums. EXTREM’ VISION currently occupies a prominent position in several different areas of activity, through niche markets in which its level of reactivity suits the stresses experienced by personnel in the field or decision-makers looking to get involved.

Falcon Dynamics

Falcon Dynamics is a Swedish engineering, small-scale manufacturing entity which is part of the OCP Group. Founded in 2009 they specialise in maritime projects involving high speed vessels for special operations.

Their new Falcon-series, focuses on gyro-stabilized, remotely-controlled sensor and weapons systems for sea and land applications, with their key features being true light weight, modularity, portability and ergonomics. They have R&D and software development inhouse focusing on customised solutions based on operational requirements. They are also specialists in integration of various sensors with products made from titanium, carbon-fibre or aluminium.

Fight Or Perish

Created in the United Kingdom, FOP is a brand carved from years of proud military service and hard fought experience. Driven by two friends from different backgrounds, both with the same ambition.

Built around King George V, we have created a strong image that our supporters are proud to wear on Operations, in camp or at the gym

Our ethos is to provide high quality apparel and gear that you deserve, we will not put our name to anything less.


Hailing from the small town of Örnsköldsvik in Sweden, a place where mountains and forest meet the sea, Fjällräven is an outdoor clothing and equipment company that’s committed to making nature more accessible. In true Swedish style, we focus on simplicity and practicality, and we have the utmost respect for the environment.


FLIR offers a diversified portfolio that serves a number of applications in government & defense, industrial, and commercial markets. Our products help first responders and military personnel protect and save lives, promote efficiency within the trades, and innovate consumer-facing technologies. FLIR strives to strengthen public safety and well-being, increase energy and time efficiency, and contribute to healthy and intelligent communities.


Frog Spit® anti-fog wipes and solutions are safe for use on all plastic and glass surfaces and specially formulated to apply and let dry. Frog spit is also the only anti-fog that is water soluble, biodegradable and Earth friendly, containing no harmful silicone, alcohol or other petroleum distillates found in many other anti-fog products. Highly effective and long lasting, Frog Spit offers the safest and best performing anti-fog wipes on the market for Safety Glasses and Face Shields.


As a leading, worldwide provider of navigation, Garmin is committed to making superior products for automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor and sports that are an essential part of our customers’ lives.

Our user-friendly products are not only sought after for their compelling design, superior quality and best value, they also have innovative features that enhance the lives of our customers.


GBRS group is a veteran-owned, tier 1 training and services organisation committed to imparting critical skills and real-world experiences to end-users in military, federal, state and local special operations units. We care deeply about lives, safety, and survivability of our end-users and firmly believe the threshold of training excellence can only be elevated through application of combat tested lessons learned.

Gorilla Ammunition

Gorilla Ammunition is a manufacturer of high-quality ammunition for the modern sporting rifle. Our match quality ammunition is manufactured on state-of-the-art loading and quality inspection equipment measuring each and every round for critical dimensions. Our loading equipment is capable of 1/10 of grain powder charge accuracy in production which results in unparalleled consistency and accuracy.

HOG Saddle

Effortlessly maintain your rifle’s sights across a field or hillside waiting for that trophy buck. Maximise your ability to make an accurate shot for a responsible one-shot kill. Tripod kits providing a rigid, steady support with unequalled versatility and portability. A rock-solid platform that is flexible enough to attain those tough shots at a moment’s notice.


Horus is breaking new ground in the world of virtual small arms trainers. The HoVR VRS is a comprehensive long-range dry fire simulator. Our proprietary VR software integrates the Horus ATRAG ballistic calculator, a custom rifle controller, and HTC Vive Pro Hardware to deliver a small, portable, and cost effective range.


The Inforce brand of weapon mounted lights is distributed in over 40 countries and is currently used by every branch of the U.S. Military and the majority of federal law enforcement agencies. Our mission: to design, manufacture and deliver products of superior quality, performance and value for every mission, task and theatre of operation.


Forged in the fells and mountains of the British Lake District, Inov-8 is a footwear, clothing and equipment brand for committed trail and off-road runners, fitness athletes and adventure-seeking hikers who push boundaries and stretch limits.

Since it was founded in 2003 by Wayne Edy, inov-8 has been renowned as a world leader in grip. The brand lives by the philosophy that an athletes’ interaction with the environment is the single most important factor when designing products. Inov-8 kit is light, fast and always innovative, as proven by our pioneering use of wonder-material graphene in sports footwear.


Based in Virginia, we specialise in Manufacturing Crew Served Weapon Sights. These sights allow for a quick target acquisition and simplifies the shooting process.

In addition, IT&T manufactures the latest modular suppressor, modular sight system and others. IT&T located in Midland, VA and the facility includes a latest indoor/outdoor range for testing various weapons, sights and ammo.

Juggernaut Defense

For over 18 years Juggernaut Defense has been actively engaged in many programs to bring digital connectivity to the dismounted warfighter/responder. For the past ten years we have spearheaded the mission to ruggedize smartphones and tablets for the battlefield environment with our Juggernaut Case products. Proudly designed, engineered and assembled in the United States of America.


We've been researching, designing, manufacturing and distributing our Kestrel Weather & Environmental Meters for more than 20 years. Our team of experts and engineers are determined to make the most accurate and reliable handheld weather devices available. We are continuously dedicated to researching ways to improve the Kestrel line and create new products to meet our customers' needs.

Leonardo DRS

Over the last half century, patriots at Leonardo DRS have created a distinct technology edge for American troops in the U.S. and around the world. By helping the Navy sail fast and quiet, making the Army and Marine Corps more lethal, connected and protected, and preparing the Air Force to confront a range of threats, the people of Leonardo DRS from one generation to the next have given American warfighters a critical technology edge.

LiteFighter Systems

LiteFighter Systems is a family owned, VA Certified, Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) that provides rugged, lightweight, versatile and highly mobile individual shelter systems and tactical gear for the US Military and the outdoor camping community.


Magpul was founded in 1999 to develop a simple device to aid in the manipulation of rifle magazines while reloading under stress. Over the last twenty years Magpul has continued to grow and develop, with a focus on innovation, simplicity, and efficiency. Our goal is the same as 20 years ago - design equipment with form, fit, and function far superior to that of your "standard issue" gear.


Founded in 1862, Mammut Sports is a 200 strong Swiss multinational mountaineering and trekking company headquartered in Seon, Switzerland. Mammut is a world class producer of specialised equipment for rock climbing, outdoor gear, ropes, harnesses and expeditions.


Our mission is to design lighter and more practical equipment for every environment. The Matbock team’s personal experiences involving continued operations in multiple theatres have led to our basic foundation - ounces equal pounds and lighter warriors are faster warriors. We constantly strive to provide our warriors with the most effective and efficient gear possible.


Our company is responsable for designing, developing and providing solutions for specialized personal protection, throught clothing and innovated products, created with the purpose of preserve the life of our consumers from potential type of ballistic threats, among others ways. All our clothes meet high performance quality standards and has been submitted to rigorous testing for guarantee his optimal performance. Also have multiple certifications worldwide that support each of our processes. We are committed to providing specialized personal protection solutions that fit the needs and lifestyle of each of our customers, creating unique products that meet specific requirements.

Mechanix Wear

When it comes to your tools it’s all about trust. Our commitment to gloves and hand protection has earned the trust of millions of hardworking hands around the world. It’s a commitment to anatomical design, industry leading material technology and rigorous testing standards. A commitment to looking beyond conventional ideas with the drive to innovate the most advanced gloves for working hands. We believe every toolbox is a signature, a testament to skilled hands.

Mohoc Inc.

Mohoc Inc. is a technology company for elite users. We understand the demands of performance under stress. Our Mohoc Military Helmet Camera delivers the lightest, toughest military-ruggedised and smallest helmet camera, with stunning 1080p HD quality video and photo capabilities for both training and mission operations.

Mustang Survival

We have been building inspired technical solutions for water rescue professionals, military elites, and commercial/industrial mariners for over 50 years. These serious marine users demand serious marine products. At the Mustang Waterlife Studio, we continually obsess on 3 pillars to protect and enrich the lives of our users; Float, Dry, and Enhance.


Protecting your most precious equipment since 1984.
NANUK custom case solutions further expand your horizons. Foam interiors, printing, paneling, and custom coloring all contribute to a case fully equipped for the job.


Our founders, passionate divers and drone experts, came up with the idea of the very first underwater drone.
In order to make this idea a reality, we assembled an A-team of passionate divers, underwater enthusiasts, and other skilled teammembers:
embedded software developers, manufacturing and supply chain managers for some of largest manufacturers, mechatronics experts, experienced business model designers, and creative innovation marketers.

NP Aerospace

NP Aerospace is a world leader in advanced low weight, high performance armour systems for personal and platform, the integration of military vehicle systems and delivering complete turnkey composites engineering services for commercial applications. We have over 90 years of experience, providing high strength, light weight, fatigue resistant products manufactured from the world’s most advanced composite materials.


The nVisti team is comprised of industry leaders and experts – an elite group of professionals working together toward a common goal - to advance individual soldier systems. Through our partnerships with Applied Ballistics and Accuracy 1st, we have continued to grow and expand the business to deliver products and training to the US Military as well as civilians.


Oakley Standard Issue is a dedicated division within Oakley, Inc. committed to serving the specific needs of the U.S. Military, government, Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS professionals. An obsession with research and development continues to produce combat ready equipment for those whose lives depend on their gear

On Running

Welcome to the ultimate lightweight running sensation. Cushioning that doesn't break your stride, but adapts to it. When you hit the ground with an On shoe, the highly adaptive rubber Cloud elements cushion both vertical and horizontal forces for a soft landing and start getting you ready to move forward.
On’s patented CloudTec® technology is engineered to deliver a soft landing followed by an explosive take-off. The result? An unbelievably light running sensation. And no compromise on cushioning and impact protection. In other words, running on clouds.


With over 125 years of product development and manufacturing innovation, quality, and performance, Gentex Corporation is dedicated to improving personal protection and situational awareness for global defence forces, emergency responders, and industrial personnel operating in high performance environments. The company’s product portfolio includes Gentex, Ops-Core, ALPHA, Argus, Aegisound, and Cromwell brands; PureFlo industrial respiratory protection systems.


Páramo Directional Clothing is an outdoor clothing company, delivering optimal performance and comfort for military and civilian customers. A uniquely British combination of intelligence and functional garment design with high quality directional fabric systems that actively manage and move liquid water. On the mountains, in the field, on the go.


Peli Products is the UK distributor of the market-leading brand of protective cases, torches and area lighting. From police forces to pro photographers, we've been supplying individuals, industries and sectors of all descriptions for almost thirty years. Thanks to the famous Peli Lifetime Guarantee, our dedication to excellent customer service and, not to forget, the products themselves.


Designed to be used sooner and safer than other force options, PepperBall® is the most versatile and powerful non-lethal technology on the market. It’s trusted by the U.S. Army and Marines overseas and by police officers walking the streets of the Midwest. As the only non-lethal solution with no judgments, deaths, or serious injuries in over 20 years of use, PepperBall is a system that meets the needs of your agency and the community as a whole.


Phantomleaf develops modular camouflage systems for professional applications. Through intelligent adaptive design, our systems show a remarkably improved camo performance, especially for moving objects against a changing background. Additionally, our solutions are optimally tailored to the shape of the object to be camouflaged.

Tailor-made camouflage solutions are developed to meet the needs military and police special forces. Their protection is our top priority.


Through superior engineering and design, POF-USA has succeeded in making the AR platform the absolute best it can be. Each rifle is built with technology that is 100% unique to POF-USA rifles. These are enhancements that no other manufacturer can claim, as we have a proven track record delivering reliable innovation to those that need it most.


Listening to your body is one thing, understanding what it is telling you is an altogether different story. Polar helps you get under the skin of your training. We put it down to a combination of expertise in sports, physiology and electronics, coupled with a deep understanding of customer needs. It’s no surprise then that we’ve been leading the way in technological innovations and heart rate monitors since 1977.


Your partner for high quality, top-performing and realistic live fire training systems. Polytronic International is the world's leading supplier of electronic targets and electronic hit scoring systems used by law enforcement and military for realistic and interactive live-fire shooting training. Founded in 1966, Polytronic invented the world's first automatic marking system.


Revector is a leading UK developer of cell site simulators and mobile phone surveillance solutions for public safety, security and intelligence applications.

Revector produce a multi-channel UAV/Drone IMSI Catcher payload weighing just 1.4Kg, a 3.3Kg covert backpack option as well powerful vehicle units to ensure every operational situation is covered.

Rippel Effect

Rippel Effect is a South African manufacturer of 40mm Grenade Launchers (40mm MGL), Sighting- and Observation Systems and other military equipment. We design, develop and manufacture our own range of sighting systems for 40mm grenade launchers. We are also the partner of choice for every company in the world that develops 40mm extended range ammunition products.

Rochester Precision Optics (RPO)

Rochester Precision Optics provides the advanced proprietary technology, vertical integration, LEAN manufacturing, and supply chain management needed to meet high-volume demands. Our optical manufacturing and lens design expertise help us meet product volume, timeline and cost constraints.

With quick turnaround and a wide range of in-house capabilities, RPO has manufactured over 350,000 optical assemblies and over 1,000,000 optical components.


With their roots deeply planted in the outdoors, Salewa is an established world leader in alpine products from jackets to shoes and accessories as well as climbing hardware. Always at the forefront of the newest technologies, Salewa is a brand that is always associated with quality finish.

SAN Tactical Breaching Tools

SAN designs, manufactures, sells and supply heavy and light breaching equipment to a variety of markets including major clients in the defense sector and leading companies around the world. SAN Ltd is also an expert in the fields of Combat, Search and Rescue; Over the last decade, we have developed and upgraded our world leading electro-hydraulic tactical breaching kits that incorporate innovative technologies with light materials, allowing to be easily carried and operated by one individual and obtain powerful set of tools that can break into any structure in top speed.


SCUBAJET PRO is the first multipurpose water jet system that turns motorizes every SUP and it’s the smallest dive scooter on the market. We are currently working on more and more adapters for canoes, kayaks, foils and the jet pack, which will be released shortly. It’s probably the easiest way to get on the water motorized today.


In 1933, Björn, Alvar and Arvid Kjellström invented the first ever liquid-filled compass, and our story began. Today, we develop products for people who spend time on outdoor activities, regardless if the activity is high pulse like running, skiing, commuting to school or work.


Our hearing protection products provide durable, communications solutions for military, law enforcement and firearm users. The Silynx goal is to raise awareness of the importance of hearing protection among military, law enforcement and other security forces. By offering an affordable, easy to use hearing protection and hearing enhancement headset system.


Conceived in 1982 Malcolm set about making a warmer wetsuit for fellow surfers, 33 years down the line, Snugg now boasts an extensive range of high performance, sport specific wetsuits.
Snugg wetsuits are tailor made to your exact dimensions, individually hand made in our workshop in Cornwall.
As each suit is individually hand crafted by our dedicated team, you can be assured of an excellent fit and unrivalled customer service.


Based in Yorkshire, Snugpak are very proud to be one of the last manufacturers of quality sleeping bags and insulated clothing not only in the UK, but across Europe. We have a dedicated workforce at highly trained to use state of the art machinery and traditional sewing techniques to bring our ideas to life.

Sonic Communications

We specialise in the design and manufacture of a large range of communications accessories for all makes / models of radio equipment’s, the supply of bodyworn, mobile and static video surveillance equipment and the installation of all types of technical equipment into vehicles, both covertly and overtly, either in the UK at our fully equipped installation workshop, or at the Customers premises.


We founded Suex with the goal to manufacturer a high performance technical diving vehicle for all diving professionals and applications, long range exploration diving, technical and deep diving, as well as the Navy's many applications.

Nowadays Suex - The Submarine Exploration Company - represents the cutting-edge techonology of underwater mobility. Performance, reliability, manoeuvrability, complete product range and the excellent after-market service are the cornerstones that make Suex undisputed leader in the underwater scooter market.


Established in 1920, Switlik has been owned and operated by the Switlik family for four generations and is known worldwide as a manufacturer of the highest quality sewn and heat-sealed safety and survival products for the aviation, marine, and military markets.

TAC Coatings

TAC Coatings is the first UK company to complete Cerakote’s Certified Applicators course. Armed with the knowledge and skills, the owners quickly set about building a bespoke coating facility back in the UK. The company now has a leading market share within the shooting sports and hunting market, firearm dealers and specialised MOD contracts.

tacom HQ

Founded by John and Jacob Baker, tacomHQ is the culmination of a father’s promise to start a company with his son and a shared passion for innovation and the pursuit for perfection. Together, John and Jacob, are leading industry developing new products that are game changers. TacomHQ invented the TARAC, a prism wedge and periscope used by Paul Phillips and Chase Stroud to shoot over 7,000 yds and (likely) JTF2’s record-shattering 2.2-mile sniper kill in 2017 (Guns America), and Structured Barrels to eliminate harmonics.

Tactical Electronics

Tactical Electronics provides law enforcement agencies and trend-setting military groups with the technology and training needed to excel in real-world challenges. Whether we’re designing tactical camera systems and EOD equipment, teaching multiple-levels of EOD and electronics courses, providing R&D services, or designing and manufacturing IED training aids, our ultimate goal is to protect those who protect us.

Tactical Food Pack

Soul food should be home-made and natural, placed on your plate with a large helping of a wife’s or a mother’s love. At the same time, such food should not be heavy and one should be able to consume it quickly as the conditions you may find yourself in may be complex.

Therefore, Tactical Food Pack have created a product line that offers a long shelf-life with no added preservatives or additives – it’s all natural, honest, and has a home-made feel to it. Just add hot or cold water on the food, wait a beat, and enjoy delicious flavours straight from the pouch.


TenCate is a multinational company that combines textile technology with chemical process technology in the development and production of functional materials, modules and systems for the protection of people in their living and working environments.

The worldwide trends towards ‘safety and protection’ and ‘sustainability and the environment’ serve as the focal points for Tencate’s extensive range of protective solutions.


Theragun Percussive Therapy is massage reinvented™. Theragun percussive therapy devices effectively relieve pain, accelerate recovery, and improve performance.
Our devices are scientifically calibrated with a 16mm amplitude to reach deep into your muscles and stimulate heat and blood flow, helping to bring oxygen in and impurities out, improving the health and function of your muscles. Theragun devices are scientifically calibrated to reach 60% deeper into muscle than the average massager, at 40 times a second, for greater therapeutic benefits to the body.

Tomahawk Robotics

Tomahawk Robotics is the leading innovator of common control solutions that transform how humans and unmanned systems work together to make the world more safe and secure. From the battlefield to remote industrial sites, our products and technology safeguard users working under the most extreme and stressful conditions. Designed from the ground up with the user in mind, Kinesis is the only multi-domain, cross-architecture, AI-enabled control system that unlocks intuitive interaction with remote environments from across the room or around the world.

Trango Systems

Trango Systems is a security solutions provider specializing in force building and combat training infrastructure. Its solutions and products were developed for use by military units and homeland security agencies. They are designed to prepare combatants to effectively and efficiently deal with present-day challenges in the battlefield, by simulating the operational setting as realistically as possible, and supporting training in a wide range of scenarios, with emphasis placed on the urban environment.


TUNASKIN has a full custom program featuring our products and your custom designs. Our custom program is capable to handle small and large projects for boats, fishing tournaments, events, businesses and more.

TYR Tactical

At TYR Tactical, we set out to revolutionise tactical equipment for the next generation soldier. At our state-of-the-art facility in Arizona, we've assembled an elite team of scientists, designers, and sewing professionals. We are fully committed to advancing the performance of the men and women serving our country.


Uniqative® was founded based upon the principles of developing products that are unique and innovative. Our products are designed to provide assistance to military personnel, first responders and (eventually) civilians with practical means of improving their odds of a successful outcome.


Established in 2012, UNITY Tactical designs, develops and produces unique and innovative products for the military, law enforcement and civilian shooting communities in allied nations across the globe. Founded on innovation, UNITY seeks to improve the integration between warriors and their equipment, bringing advanced solutions that enhance their ability to win the fight on the modern battlefield.


Founded in 1982, Wilcox has evolved into the world’s leader in the design and manufacturing of tactical equipment. While night vision mounting solutions is the core of our business, we now offer over 260 different products within three main areas: Night Vision Mounting Systems, Hybrid Life Support Systems and Combat Systems.

Wild Things

Our Mission clothing and carry for Military/Law Enforcement has been chosen by every branch of the U.S. Armed Forces to protect them from the elements. We build our products to exceed the expectations of these elite users. By selecting our brand, your team will be receiving the most innovative, reliable, durable, and well-crafted technical gear available.

Wired Broadcast

Based in London, UK, Wired broadcast is an international leader in agile connectivity for mission-critical applications and a trusted provider of end-to-end broadcast and live event facilities and services. For more than 25 years, we have served hundreds of influential clients in diverse industries worldwide, from broadcasting and construction to banking, the military, and many more.


Yazbeck offers premium Spearfishing Wetsuits and Freediving Wetsuits in a vast array of sizes and patterns. We use only premium fabrics and neoprenes to handcraft the best suit for your money. Built to last, choose Yazbeck Spearfishing and Freediving Wetsuits. Yazbeck Spearfishing and Freediving wetsuits are your best wetsuit for comfort, quality, functionality, and style! No Compromise!