A Look to the Future

Level Peaks was privileged enough to be joined by Richard Browning and other members of Gravity Industries for a demonstration of their vertical flight jetpack.

The demo took place over a lake, to demonstrate the over water capability, as well as an agricultural yard to show the interoperability of the device moving between different environments.

Sweeping over the lake at roughly 20ft, Richard landed to grab a quick sip of tea waiting for him, provided by an LPA member, before displaying the jetpack’s quick launch time as he quickly took off to the air again.

The speed of launch was highlighted, again, later in the day as Richard demonstrated an older model which took considerably longer to achieve lift. This exemplified the speed of development Gravity Industries have made.

The lake also provided a chance to show off the suit’s buoyancy and safety aids.

The event provided onlookers with a chance to consider the jetpack for other uses in specified conditions and locations and gave people a chance to talk to Richard and his team directly to discuss opportunities further.