The Clede Field Bag hits the in between on size and weight versus the world famous Saracen and Comanche bags.  Sometimes the Saracen is too big and sometimes the Comanche is too small.  Clede is in the Goldilocks Zone of the field bags.


All our field bags come with a non-slip top and the ability to attach straps.  Clede is offered in two versions; Regular and the Yaga Edition (so named by a SF friend of ours, Baba Yaga).  The Regular version has a nonslip top (Kevlar fabric sandwiched between two tough layers of Neoprene – HANK) and our regular straps that are included.  The Yaga Edition has HANK as its entire top and bottom piece underneath the bag, 4 QD mounts, and a special QD strap with the HANK fabric in the center of the strap.  This strap system allows for less rolling during movement and is a great way to hold your binos if quick movement is needed.


We are also offering the new Git-Lite fill as a selection for the Clede.  It takes the bag from 4.75 lbs to 2 lbs.  Ounces make pounds, pounds make pain.


Clede was a Special Forces horse used by ODA 595, 3rd BN, 5th SFG, Mission Code: Tiger02.  Their task was to overthrow the Taliban.  Clede was part of what would become Task Force Dagger.  We have it on good authority that Clede was the only horse worth a hoot.  To honor that horse and those men we are proud to introduce Clede to our line up of amazing shooting support field bags.