The QRK (Quick Response Kit) provides operators and first responders with a simple, compact and lightweight 30 minute SCBA (self contained breathing apparatus) system that can be utilized on its own or used in conjunction with the Hybrid Patriot 5510®. The QRK is ideal for personnel who are tasked with containing situations and offering immediate protection and assistance until backup arrives. The QRK’s compact design allows it to easily be stowed/concealed inside the custom sling pack and quickly deployed when needed. The pack features several pockets, pouches, MOLLE and Hook and loop for other essential items.

Compatible with the Hybrid Patriot 5510, The QRK can be used for SubT, man-down rescue, VIP extraction, hand-off air supply and undercover/low vis operations where hazardous atmospheric environments are present or potentially exist. Once the QRK is attached onto the Hybrid Patriot 5510 center chassis, the end user is provided with the same capabilities (SCBA, PAPR (powered air purifying respirator), APR (air purifying respirator) and SAR (supplied air respirator) offered by the Hybrid Patriot 5510.