POF 5.56mm Renegade



The Renegade is how POF-USA does basic. The features in the Renegade go far beyond the low entry barrier that many manufacturers obtain but don’t care to surpass. This barrier of entry is known as MIL-SPEC. As you’ll see, it is anything but basic. In fact, the only parts that can be considered basic are the forged lower receiver and flat-top upper receiver.

The heat sink barrel nut dissipates heat quicker than any system on the market. The Dictator 9-position adjustable gas block, with straight gas tube, let’s you tune this rifle to be as smooth and flat shooting as possible, no matter the ammo load out. At this price, and even well beyond it, you simply will not find features like this on any other rifle.

The 14.5” Renegade rail with M-LOK compatibility and 4 integrated QD slots provides maximum comfort, hand placement, and accessory mounting options. Topped off with a 16.5” nitride heat treated barrel, you have a 1 MOA guaranteed rifle suited for any patriot.

CALIBER 5.56 x 45mm NATO (.223 REM)
CHAMBER E2 Dual Extraction Technology
ACTION Semi-auto, direct impingement
UPPER MIL-SPEC upper receiver
WEIGHT 6.3 lbs / 2.86kg (empty)
BARREL 16.5” / 41.91cm match-grade nitride heat-treated
Puritan barrel
RIFLING 1:8, 1/2×28 barrel threads
LENGTH 34” / 86.36cm (collapsed)
FINISH Black anodized
GAS BLOCK 9-position adjustable midlength DIctator gas block
HANDGUARD 14.5” M-LOK Renegade free-floating rail with five
integrated QD sling mounts
MUZZLE DEVICE A2 flash hider
FURNITURE Mission First Tactical
ACCURACY MOA with proper ammo and shooter ability
FIRE CONTROL MIL-SPEC Puritan lower receiver
MAINTENANCE Standard receiver/carrier group field strip


  • Nitride heat-treated bolt carrier group (includes cam pin)
  • 6-position anti-tilt buffer tube
  • Mission First Tactical 30-round magazine