Ops-Core RAC



  • Incorporates a streamlined design for optimal comfort, and true 3D hearing technology for hearing protection and improved situational awareness.
  • Available with optional NFMI earplugs which offer wire-free double hearing protection capability – specify when ordering.
  • Attaches to the rear portion of Ops-Core ARC Rails leaving the top portion of the ARC Rails free for mounting lights, cameras, and other helmet components for optimal system level performance.
  • Rotates back to the rear of the helmet when not in use, creating a very low profile—ear cups not visible from front view when stowed.
  • Streamlined design also provides freedom of movement and unobstructed head range of motion. Restores “natural hearing” with the outside environment for improved situational awareness while also providing robust hearing protection.
  • Single-point gimbal attachment allows for 360° of adjustment instead of conventional adjustment systems–auto positioning to each individual’s ear/head shape.
  • High performance ear cushions ergonomically fit the head geometry, providing a better seal and increased noise attenuation.
  • Noise-cancelling immersion rated microphone mounts to left or right ear cup.
  • Compatible with the Ops-Core FAST and Sentry Helmet Systems.
  • 100 hours of 3DHT use.
  • Auto Shut Down after two hours to preserve batteries, with audible alert.
  • Fail-Safe Communications—headset will continue to operate for communications without battery power.
  • Lightweight (1.1 lbs. (500 g) base version); 1.2 lbs. (545 g) with earplug option)
  • Immersion rated: IP-67 and IP-68 10 ft. for 30 seconds
  • Environmentally tested to MIL-STD-461E
  • Assortment of cabling and Push-to-Talk (PTT) systems available – call for assistance.