Clip-On Visibility in Day or Night and Under Degraded Conditions

The Improved Night / Day Observation Device (INOD) Block III thermal weapon sight provides night/day and degraded battlefield or weather condition visibility for the Special Operation Forces (SOF) Sniper by easily clipping the device in front of the existing day scope. The clip-on configuration allows the operator to maintain the existing day scope zero.

The INOD employs a completely passive, micro-cooled mid-wave infrared (MWIR) technology to provide a high-quality, large format, 640 x 480 resolution image, usable with day scope magnifications from 5x to > 25x. The proven range detect performance will match or exceed current Sniper Weapons Systems capabilities. The INOD has been ruggedized for use with all SOF and U.S. Army Sniper Weapon Systems. It is ideal for extended range target detection and identification, observation of environmental indicators, and is capable of tracking bullet trajectory making it the preferred Night Vision Device (NVD) for the Sniper or Reconnaissance role. The hot-swap battery capability and / or external power feature allows persistent over watch on extended missions.

The rear facing focus knob and controls are optimized for sniper conops. The wired stick remote control replicates INOD keypad functionality and enables one-handed gloved operation. Super elevation adjust is incorporated into the mount to accommodate targeting at various ranges while ensuring target visualization.

Improved Night / Day Observation Device (INOD) Block III

  • Rapid identification, acquisition, and engagement of targets
  • Passive enemy engagement and threat detection
  • Large-format imagery in degraded battlefield and weather conditions
  • Provides bullet trajectory observation
  • In-line, clip-on sight for easy attachment in front of existing pre-zeroed day scope
  • Wired, remote control pendant designed for ease of use and low profile integration
  • Super Elevation mechanism allows for target engagement to extreme range of weapon sight