C2R Aircrew Body Armour



The C2R Aircrew Body Armour is a lightweight configurable chest rig optimised for the use in aircraft. The chest rig system is manufactured to accept ballistic plates in either stand alone or system stop (with soft armour backer) configuration. The chest rig can be reconfigured to be used in any environment or operating role where the individual has a need for a chest rig system such as mechanised infantry, urban warfare or reconnaissance type missions; as well as more specialist undertakings such as maritime or parachute operations.


The fabric is cut to MOLLE specification which enables agnostic pouch configuration and utility for the user depending on task specific equipment. C2R have a full range of magazine, medical, and utility pouches to allow the user to tailor the usability of the system to his/her specific requirements.


• Angled utility pouches. These are set up to reduce interference during activities requiring high mobility.

• Spandex external pockets – designed to improve soldiering use during prolonged field operations and day to day living in the kit.

• Ease of use – Front opening and closing for convenience whilst increasing decreasing insulated clothing.

• Removable padded shoulders – for profile reduction if required.

• Rear plate bag – can be provided with ZIPs to enable attachment of zip on panels.

• Fully adjustable – one size fits all system.

• Ergonomic design – optimised for activities requiring higher degrees of physical mobility.

• Repairable -System can be provided with field repairable buckles.

• Technology – IRR Mil-spec materials

• Guarantee – C2R provides a 24month guarantee against faults in workmanship

• Fire Protection – System can be purchased in FR or Non-FR spec