When the barrier is more significant than a standard door, wall or window, the operator may need something with a bit more punch.  LPAs thermal breaching tools allows the skilled user to ‘cut’ through these barriers – for example a steel door.  Our primary partner and supplier for this method is Wilcox Industries.  They design and make highly effective equipment used by the World’s most demanding customers.


Wilcox is proud to design and manufacture this state-of-the-art life support system. With exclusive 5500 psi bottles and an unprecedented 10 year warranty, the Hybrid PATRIOT 5510 offers responders four breathing modes – SCBA, PAPR, APR, and SAR. The Hybrid PATRIOT 5510 is the next generation in hybrid life support systems offering innovative electronics, equipped for CBRN environments, improved monitoring capability, revolutionary power supply system, and world class breaching/cutting torch options.