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Explosive breaching can be the fastest method, although it is also the most dangerous, to both the Breacher and those on the other side of the barrier. Breaching can be performed with a specially formed explosive charge placed in contact with the particular target barrier whether that be a door, wall or window. Breaching using explosives is primarily an operation performed by highly trained demolition experts. Explosive breaching charges can range from highly focused methods (such as det-cord, plastic explosives or strip/shaped charges) that explosively cut through doors or latches, to larger charges that can blast through even reinforced concrete bunkers or thick exterior walls.

Level Peaks Associates (LPA) can advise on and supply all component parts to Government Agencies including plastic explosives, detonators, shock tube, initiation and firing devices. LPA therefore work with only the best to develop, supply and support EMOE capabilities that are the best in the World.  Our primary partner and supplier is EBAD.  They design and make highly effective charges used by the World’s most demanding customers.

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