Secure Systems_

Secure Systems

We supply secure and covert mobile communication platform for Law Enforcement, Government, Military and Security Agencies

Our secure situational Awareness (SSA) is a highly secure cyber communication system that enables field agents and all tiers of command to securely communicate and monitor each other from mobile devices. Secure Situational Awareness (SSA) is a complete closed system, installed in your network with no remote access for any unauthorised users or 3rd parties. It is a complete, managed mobile security service which include Samsung or Apple smartphones, with mobile device management, security assessment and support.

Secure Situational Awareness for Field Agents

We supply frontline field agents smartphone capabilities to communicate securely via voice, streaming video, text, share files and photos with other SSA frontline users and tiered command.

This prevents users sharing sensitive mission information on consumer messaging systems with separate mission critical, personal communication system.

Our communication app is obfuscated into a consumer app so uninformed users don’t recognise our SSA App.

Secure Situational Awareness for Command

We offer secure communications that collate and store mission critical data between individual operators, teams and command establishments via smartphone, tablet or laptop

Our real time tactical and strategic intelligence or operational feeds deliver truly secure situational awareness directly to a control system for all tiers of command.

It generates, collates and shares individually fingerprinted legally submissive intelligence data. This creates, edits and sends data including tactical and strategic overlays on mapping from a variety of sources and can be configured to compartmentalise individual users without compromise to the mission or communication.

Secure Situational Awareness System Management Console

Our management console provides for new Secure Situational Awareness users. It can remote wipe user device, force user device GPS location, hide user device GPS Icon with full mobile device management.