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A weapon is a complex integrated system. It is not simple. It needs to be configurable and flexible. Get the right component parts, and you create a game-changing capability – whether it be a lethal or non-lethal platform. If the system’s form, fit, and function works for you and your mission, then all should be well.We work with some truly inspirational innovators to bring to market a range of capabilities that significantly enhance our customer’s firepower. LPA’s lethal, non-lethal and ancillary solutions enable users to match firepower to the threat and mission. We don’t offer what everyone else does. Take a look at the POF Revolution or FLETCHER or Pepperball, together with our carefully selected manufacturers and partners, we lead the way.

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LPA understands that one size does not fit all and an operator needs to be…


LPA are a leading supplier of mil-spec ammunition. We’re not really interested in the ‘normal’…


A weapon system has many elements.  Everyone thinks of the guns and bullets, but to…