SAN Tactical Breaching Demo to Merseyside Police

Our SAN Tactical Breaching system was put through it’s paces last week during a demo to the Merseyside Police and other forces. The unique electro-hydraulic technology makes the SAN a powerful tool in a breachers arsenal – high security doors are no match for the SAN door breaker tool’s 6.4 tons of lifting force.


Alongside our Partners at SAN, Level Peaks have been involved in developing  and upgrading world-leading electro-hydraulic tactical breaching kit; incorporating innovative technologies based on light materials. This allows for one operator to carry and operate a powerful set of tools that can break into any structure at top speed. 

Using the SAN hydraulic breaching system instead of explosives or mechanical tools, an operator can maintain the element of surprise through the advantage of a quiet, simple to use system. The Tactical Breaching Kit system is lightweight for single operator use and can be equipped with multiple quick release tools such as a door breaker, spreader/long spreader, cable cutter or guillotine amongst others – depending on the gate, grill, door or vehicle you wish to target. The SAN breaching system delivers up to 23 tons of hydraulic cutting power to ensure the job is swift and efficient. 

Demonstrations have been conducted for multi-agencies – including the Home Office, MoD, Ministry of Justice and the Fire Service. 

The SAN kit has been used on over 40 Police operations, successfully breaching a variety of doors, gates & grills, during firearms & non firearms operations both in the execution of high risk warrants & rapid entries. This tool has rapidly become the ‘essential’ piece of equipment Police turn to when quiet entry is required.